Event marketing

Event marketing meets automation

Use your CRM to automate and schedule your event marketing. Then watch it all run smoothly.

Imagine the possibilities of an event manager connected in a leading sales & marketing automation platform

Upsales is all about connecting with your customers and leads. With Upsales Events it's easier than ever.

Connected with all parts of the Upsales platform, Upsales Events creates all of the needed criteria for launching a great event.

Not only having all your customer and sales data in the same platform but combining that with the power of email campaigns, online advertising, forms & landing pages, text messages and social media posts in an event manager is where the real power emerges.

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Automate everything

Think of your most successful event. How much time did you spend before and after the event to achieve that?

We like automating things, specially things you need to repeat everytime you throw an event. With Upsales Events you're automating basically all parts of your events by applying your event info and your company profile on all your resources like email, landing pages etc and then scheduling everything that should happen during the event. This is effective and makes it easy to launch successful events.

Your most successful event should be the one you actually spent less time on managing.

Auto generated resources

Your resources like emails, landing pages and ads are automatically synced with the info you enter in your event as well as your company profile. Customizing your resources is, of course, available with the different tools in Upsales.

All in one platform

Dynamic segmentation of your target group, automation, check-in mode, and analytics is tightly integrated within the same platform.

The first step of making people attend your event is making sure they know about it

Upsales Events is designed to give your events the biggest possible reach by combining the most powerful features of Upsales.

Funnel contacts to your sign up forms and landing pages with automated resources like targeted advertising (ABM), automated emails and social media posts. 

Automated emails

Pre-define a set of emails that are automatically triggered by event dates and contact behavior. Use templates like invites, reminders, hype and post-event messages.

Forms & landing pages

Funnel your contacts to your sign up forms with your other resources, collect sign up's and tell about your event on your landing pages.

Online advertising (ABM)

Display online ads targeted for the contacts in your guest list with Upsales Advertising.

Social media posts

Connect your social media account and tell your followers about your event. Track the statistics in Upsales.

Text messages (SMS)

Greet your contacts as they arrive, or inform them about the lunch break through text messages.

Check-in Mode

The goal of most events is finding a way to connect to your attendants. Knowing who showed up is a good start.

Keeping track of who shows up to your events is key to create a rewarding follow-up after the event. With the Upsales Events Check-in Mode singing people in as they arrive is an easy task.

Available in your web browser and your Upsales iOS & Android Upsales app it's always at hands. Even if you don't have an Upsales account.




Analyse and improve

To evaluate and improve is key for creating more successfull events. This goes for both increasing the number of attendants as well as knowing what channels generates the most sign up's for a specific target group.

Upsales Events gives you clear insights on what really worked and at the same time helping you connect your sales team with the people that attended your event. 

Take action

Easy task creation to connect your sales team with the contacts in your guest list.

Resource impact

Evaluate what resources and channels generated the most sign up's and visits to your landing page.

Post event sales statistics

Find out what actually did happen with the contacts that attended your event by monitoring sales and marketing data.