Analytics & Insight

In all versions of Upsales you get a strong foundation for analysis. With our comprehensive add-on, Upsales Insights, you get a fully-fledged Business Intelligence solution

Gain new insights

Powerful business intelligence

One important driving force for implementing CRM and Marketing Automation is to get more insight into what drives new and existing business. As a sales manager, you want visibility and control of pipeline and sales traction metrics. As a marketing manager, you want to understand lead generation performance and ROI on marketing expenditure.

An important part is to also understand the whole customer journey, from the first touch to growing customer. Connecting marketing to sales outcome creates a foundation for data-driven predictable growth.


Upsales Insights helps you understand

  • Customer Journey from lead to deal
  • Recurring Revenue growth
  • Connection to multiple data sources 


Learn more about our standard reports for sales and marketing and our extension Upsales Insights.