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Upsales CRM helps thousands of companies to generate more leads, drive an effective sales process and lets you seize upselling opportunities from existing clients.

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Find new opportunities

Easily see how many meetings and opportunities that are needed to reach your sales goals, and make your plans based on facts. Upsales will optimize your prospecting and let you find quality leads where you didn’t realize there were any.

effective sales process

Drive an effective sales process based on facts

Get control of the entire sales process and close more deals with predictability and efficiency. Have the sales team see opportunities the same way by basing opinions on confirmed facts instead of gut feelings and wild guesses.

upselling & cross-selling

Seize Upselling opportunities within existing clients

Upsales lets you know which customers should, and are prepared, to buy more. See opportunities for upsell/cross-sell to existing customers based on their needs and behavior, and easily list all companies within one and the same business group to find deals that are more easily won.