A platform for B2B companies

Many companies that have invested in CRM and Marketing automation realise after a while that processes and data sometimes gets stuck in the gap between marketing and sales. Sales reps lack insight into key marketing activities that would help them prioritise leads and Marketeers don't see the fruits of their labour - what leads were converted to opportunities and customers.

for the customer journey

Sales & marketing in one platform

Upsales creates full transparency and instant sync between your marketing and sales departments

Upsales has combined the key assets for successful B2B customer acquisition and growth. This means you have full transparency between marketing, sales and KAM teams. Information about website visitiors and conversions, digital marketing campaigns as well as account and opportunity information all in the same view. With the addition of our powerfull analytics solutions, Upsales Insights, you get the comprehensive customer journey perspective you are looking for - from first touch to growing customers.