A CRM and Marketing Automation platform built for fast moving companies

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Marketing automation

Marketing with impact

Upsales Marketing Automation is designed for reaching the ones you want to communicate with and funnel your prospects to a closed order.

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Effective marketing need intelligent solutions

By intelligent we mean solutions we know work, and quickly returns value. Intelligent is communicating with your audience in the channels they visit and at the same time segmenting and personalizing your campaigns depending on who you're speaking with.

Know your audience

To analyze is to improve, we give you the insights for this. No matter the level you're on today we give you the tools you need to analyze your efforts and find out what actually works with your audience and how they interact with your content.

Automate everything

An automated marketing engine is no longer a fantasy. Create a dynamic segmentation of your audience based on their info and their actions and lead them through pre-set marketing journeys. This isn't just effective lead generation, it's something mandatory for companies with ambitious marketing goals.

Sales & CRM

Sales made simple

Our mission is to connect you with the people you want to communicate with. That's why we've filled Upsales with features for attracting leads and increase the awareness of your brand, and at the same time automate your entire sales process.


Sales management with e-signing & subscriptions

Create a steady stream of revenue with subscriptions & recurring billing. Subscriptions helps you organise leases, billing, and analysing your portfolio. Automated follow-up of Churn, ARR, and Up-sells lets you focus on extending the deal.

Pipeline control

Ensuring that your team devotes their focus on the most important deals. The Sales board is your guide to closing more deals with an efficient process that maximizes your pipeline value.

Effective task management

Upsales Task Management makes sure the sales team maintains a high activity level and ensures a steady flow of results.


One dashboard to rule them all

Stay on top of all your revenue with an accurate, up-to-the-minute view of sales and marketing data

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Marketing Analytics

Draw accurate conclusions from the data your marketing activities are generating. Marketing Analytics provides you with the insights and knowledge to choose the right path.

Sales Analytics

Know your key figures is crucial for any business looking to create growth. Get a deeper understanding of how the sales team's efforts has a direct effect on results with Sales Analytics.

Campaign engine

The simple way to execute campaigns

We help you with creating great content, but also delivering it to your audience in your different channels. Generate emails, forms & landing pages and ads automatically based on your company profile.


To make communication crisp for all different parts of your audience use Upsales Personalisation. First, segment your audience based on their info and actions, then apply a layer of personalization adopting your content to dynamically fit the recipient.

Synced company profile

Your company profile is automatically synced with all your resources. Your brand is more than typography and colors, it's the face your customer meets in all your marketing campaigns and branding. We help you keep it simple, and most of all consistent, through all your marketing channels.

Data integration engine

Rapid, straightforward integration

We understand sales in companies with large growth, knowing more about customers and prospects is an important part. Connect a multitude of different services to automatically enrich your customer data with Upsales Integration Engine. We give you all the data you need to take action.

Knowledge is power. Enrich your data

Enriching customer data means having a complete view of how your leads and customers are doing, this makes you accurate and helps you make decisions in an efficient way. Focus your attention on the most important companies and find more companies similar to your best customers.

Integration isn't enough

We offer apps from leading services in a wide range of categories. From billing control and time management to chat services, movie publishing and off course databases enriching your company data.

Unite sales and marketing with one platform for the whole customer journey

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