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Upsales integrates with many applications and services making syncing data, importing files and viewing advanced statistics easier than ever.

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Our integration team will help you with:

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is a calendaring and mail server developed by Microsoft.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a time-management web application and mobile app created by Google.


Bisnode is a company that offers Smart Data and decision support in the form of digital business, marketing and credit information.


Zendesk is web based customer service software used by over 20000 companies world-wide.

Newscycle AdBase

AdBase is an ad booking system designed for media companies that help companies to plan, book, produce and invoice campaigns.

Visma Business

Visma Business ERP helps optimize efficiency, identify profitable trends and maximize returns.

PE Accounting

E Accounting provides accounting in a completely new and unique way by being both an accounting firm and a systems supplier.


Harvest is a software that helps with time tracking, online billing and reporting.


Oneflow provides a complete solution for the contract. Everything from creating templates, negotiate and e-sign for archiving and lifecycle management linked together - in a single feed.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a software that helps small and medium-sized enterprises to manage their accounting, economics and processes.


Evatic is a flexible and multifunctional service management system that supports each step of the business process - from quotation to after sales.


Atex is a leading software company that provides solutions for industries in the media sector.

Svea Ekonomi

Svea Ekonomi offers everything from financial and administrative solutions for your ledger to the payment solutions for e-commerce and telephone.


Jeeves is a growing provider of business software solutions for the manufacturing, trading and distribution around the world.

Adtoma Fusion

Adtoma Fusion is an ad delivery system developed specifically for today's online media organizations.

Tieto Crossad

Using the ad system calles Cross-advertising media companies can plan, book, produce and invoice campaigns in a single system.


SAP Software & Solutions is a leading global provider of business solutions, IT services, analytics, cloud, cloud, mobile solutions, and database technology.

Visma Administration

Visma Administration is Sweden's most popular financial and accounting software. Every day, simplifies the operations for tens of thousands of small business owners.


Fortnox is the leading provider of Web-based programs including accounting, billing and payroll.


Scrive is Scandinavias leading solution for e-signing. They offer signing through Web integration, personal meetings and remote signing.


Box provides a web-based storage, management and sharing of files adapts for individuals, groups and companies.

IP Maxi Telefoni

Telephony, deeply integrated with Upsales. - Number of lifts & Number of calls in Upsales Analytics - See who is calling on the incoming samtal. - Recordings are saved on the activities of Upsales - Click-to-Call

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