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upsales meets insiderlog

From Launch to Successful Exit

Our CEO, Daniel Wikberg, interviews John Engholm, General Counsel Serendipity Group, and founder of InsiderLog.

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"Brings the marketing department closer to the sales department, we are working in the same system, tightly connected."

case study soluno BC

Reimagining sales for the digital age

Soluno BC’s Head of Sales, Christian Hed, on how Soluno BC built a revenue engine. 

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Hoist Group

"It´s important that Upsales helps us both in both the account management to the existing customer base, as well as help us in our marketing communication."

case study YSDS

Going global

Silvia Tarchi, CEO at Your Special Delivery Service UK, on how Your Special Delivery Service (YSDS) connected its international sales and marketing teams

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"Upsales is in the heart of the business"


A need for speed

Johan Terve, VP of Marketing, on how Aptilo Networks modernized sales and marketing, fast. 


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Visual Art

”Its an enabler for day to day work."