”We make growth easy”

Upsales is a Swedish tech company built by people with a long background in sales. We believe sales is the core of all business. Sales determines the failure or success of a product and it is what fundamentally grows a company. High growth companies always have great sales.

So how do you become great at sales? Is it a magical black box? Our answer is NO. It comes down to knowledge, drive and structure. If you do all of the above you will succeed. This is where we come in. We want to be your tool to succeed and achieve growth. A tool that makes it easier for you.

Easier for the sales team to do their job, easier for marketing to generate leads and easier for management to track and follow-up results. Every year we celebrate this with our customers in Upsales Growth Day.

Johan Nilsson
CEO Upsales Nordic AB

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This is Upsales

Upsales is a Swedish company with 30+ employees and over 600 customers in ten countries. In 2003, Daniel Wikberg founded Upsales with the ambition to revolutionize the work of sellers with a new type of CRM that was easy to use. Although a lot has happened with the product since 2003, the philosophy is still the same.

In an increasingly digitized world, new demands on the sales team and lots of opportunities for companies that want to grow opens up. In the same way as before, we want to revolutionize the work of these companies by making it easier. We want to make it easy for our customers to grow.

Upsales is Software-as-a-Service and contains:

  • CRM – Helps sales team close more deals
  • Marketing Automation – Helps the marketing office generate more leads
  • Engage – Helps connect sales and marketing with smarter ads



Head office

Stockholm, Sweden






Upsales is developed and operated in Stockholm. Visit us at Sveavägen 21, Stockholm, Sweden.