Modern Analytics: Drive Growth, Innovation and Competitive Advantage

Webinar with Looker & Upsales

While 'data-driven marketing' is common practice, it typically relies on Sales/CRM data to gain insights and make decisions.

Companies today use thousands of SaaS applications and business systems that create more data than ever imagined - so leveraging a data silo in a world with a myriad of data sources will inherently limit business potential.

To differentiate and drive growth, businesses must creatively leverage the plethora of data they collect - from every source - to maximise its value.

In this webinar, we'll cover how to:
- Gain accurate, holistic and actionable insights from your data, with a modern approach to analytics.
- Integrate reporting and self-serve analytics into your existing software applications, portal or website.
- Achieve rapid time to value, by sharing a real-life example of an Upsales implementation.


In this webinar the presenters will be:

  • Victor Ivarsson (Head of Operations, Upsales)
  • Robbie McKiernan (Account Executive, Looker)


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