From launch to successful exit in only 14 months

How InsiderLog went from launch to successful exit in only 14 months. Join our Webinar at March 6th where our CEO Daniel Wikberg will interview John Engholm General Counsel Serendipity Group and founder of InsiderLog.

In this webinar, John Engholm, chief lawyer at Serendipity Group and founder of InsiderLog will tell us about their rapid growth and go-to-market tactics. InsiderLog has made an impressive growth journey with over 300 customers in 9 countries in a short time.


At Upsales, we strive to help our customers to streamline their sales and market processes to create faster growth. One company has succeeded to be a fast-growing company is InsiderLog. In this webinar we, therefore, invite John Engholm, to tell us more about their experience and the challenges they encountered during their growth journey.


InsiderLog was originally developed by Serendipity Group, a Swedish investment group with five listed portfolio companies. InsiderLog was founded as a response to the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) that came into effect in 2016 and resulted in an increased administrative burden on the legal team of Serendipity's listed portfolio companies. Shortly after, they also began to receive inquiries from other listed companies who experienced the same problem, so they launched the software solution externally and made Insider an independent company. After only 14 months, the leading pan-European exchange, Euronext, acquired the company.


In this webinar, John will be interviewed by Upsales founder and CEO, Daniel Wikberg.

• How did InsiderLog facilitate fast growth?

• Being a software company and working with a subscription model

• Market strategies


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