From inefficient silos to Unified Sales Acceleration

Let’s build a revenue engine for growth!

Salespeople need to reach their quota. Marketing needs to deliver leads and ROI on marketing cost. KAMs need to keep their customers (and sell more). And CEOs want to outperform industry growth. 


Are these competing priorities? Or are they just different parts of the same objective? 


For fast-growing companies, a laser focus on revenue as the end game makes all departments work towards the same goal, regardless of department KPIs. These companies often experience frustration with enterprise-oriented software that creates data silos and unnecessary complexity. They look for more unified solutions that integrate processes, data, and people towards the same objective.


In this seminar, we will go through how you can leverage changes in B2B buying behavior to grow faster and become more efficient in your customer engagements. We will also show how you can unify marketing, sales, and account management teams to get laser-focused on revenue!

Upsales is co-hosting this event together with our partner SplashDev. Read more about SplashDev here. 




  • Changes in B2B buying behavior - and how it affects you
  • Understanding how your customer thinks - and their journey to purchase
  • The new B2B Marketing Mix - and how it helps you close more deals
  • Changing the way you sell - and why you will succeed if you do it right
  • Why your customers leave you - and how you can prevent it
  • From Siloed to Unified – Marketing & Sales as a combined effort for revenue-focus


Please note this seminar held in Vienna, Austria.


Most Welcome!