Upsales for Powerful Business Intelligence

Become more data driven - Get the full grasp of your entire business, from website visits to delivery and billing. Upsales offers Powerful Business Intelligence directly in your CRM and Marketing Automation platform.


For many companies, analysis and monitoring of KPIs is a challenge. Often it is handled in large Excel sheets where data from different systems is compiled. Some companies purchase expensive BI platforms that require extensive consulting and internal effort.


At Upsales, we want to make it easy to track data. Therefore, we have incorporated the Upsales Insights BI solutions directory in our sales and marketing platform. With Insights, you get access to all market and sales data in Upsales, but can also connect other data sources to get the full view.


In above webinar we go through some examples of different reports and how to you can easily create your own, directly in the Upsales interface.


This webinar covers:

• Introduction to Upsales Insights

• Example Reports:

  • How does marketing contribute to sales?
  • Reporting of recurring income
  • Utlization vs revenue for consulting companies

• Create a report in Upsales with Insights