Upsales for B2B Marketing Professionals

Technical developments and drastic changes in buying behavior in recent years has made B2B marketing more advanced and prioritized. Still, marketing managers often struggle to demonstrate the value of their efforts, prioritize investments as well as work more closely with sales.


At Upsales, we have combined marketing and sales in the same platform. For marketing managers, this means significantly more insight into how your work is linked to revenue. Also, in Upsales the marketing functionality includes Marketing Automation, IP-Based Advertising and Retargeting. Everything you need to engage and capture buying signals from companies in your target audience at the right time.


Above webinar will go through different B2B marketing techniques and how you can work with those in Upsales.


This webinar covers:

• Key B2B Marketing Techniques

• Upsales for Inbound Marketing

• Upsales for Account-Based Marketing

• Lead Management and link to sales

• Upsales for GDPR

• Reporting & Analysis for Marketers