Upsales for Sales Managers

Customers manage a large part of their buying process on his own. This has in many ways made it more challenging to work with sales. It takes more effort to reach the right prospects and be relevant in conversations with buyers.


At Upsales, we have combined CRM with Marketing Automation and powerful business intelligence in the same platform. For you as sales manager, this means that you have full control of the sales force's numbers and pipeline as well as a seamless insight into marketing engagements. For sales reps, prospecting work becomes more effective as you can focus on the right leads at the right time and have full insight into where the customer is in their buying journey. No more cold calling!


Welcome to listen to our above webinar where we go through how you can increase your sales, get more prospects and track pipeline with Upsales.


This webinar covers:

• Upsales for prospecting

• Activity list and Account view

• Link to Marketing and Leads

• The Salesboard – unrivaled control of pipeline

• Reporting & Analysis