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Are you running a consulting business? Do you sometimes get the feeling you are constantly chasing next quarter’s utilization? Would it not be great if there was a stream of recurring revenue coming in every month?


A partner program for profitable growth


Upsales is a complete B2B platform with marketing, sales and analytics built into the same solution. Up until now, we have primarily worked with a direct sales model and focused on the Scandinavian market and grown over 30% Y/Y. We are now expanding our market presence with a key focus on continental Europe and will grow through partners.


We have developed a strong partner offering to secure the program is commercially attractive. Our ambition is to work closely with selected partners and have set limitations on the number of partners per region.


The program is designed for small and medium sized consulting companies within:


  • CRM & Sales management
  • B2B Marketing & Marketing Automation
  • Web & Digital Marketing
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)


Make Upsales a line of business with recurring revenue streams and consulting engagements. We will support you in building competence, customer engagements and co-funded marketing activities.


We offer highly competitive revenue share schemes for both new and recurring license business.


Typical consulting engagements can be built around:


  • Process & KPI design
  • System customizations
  • Support services
  • Building and hosting integrations
  • Build app connectors with our comprehensive extension framework


Submit your interest by contacting our Channel Sales Director Jon Beckman directly or fill out our partner request form for more information.


We looking forward to hearing from you!


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