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The revenue engine for fast-growing businesses

You need to move fast and sell more. You need a revenue engine with CRM and Marketing Automation that can handle it. Unite sales and marketing with one platform for the whole customer journey.

The revenue engine

Experience an interface that takes you through the entire platform, from attracting leads, managing your sales process and analyzing the results.

With all features connected in one platform great opportunities start to show and what in most cases considered as separate products are weaved together in Upsales. We create a seamless transition between sales and marketing.

About the platform

The relationship between sales and marketing is broken

Especially in small and medium businesses where sales’ value is often clear and marketing’s is often less so. We see it as three types of typical sales and marketing: siloed, aligned and unified.


Sales and marketing are seen as two separate disciplines. If they work together, they don’t always get along. The two teams operate with different tools and data is siloed.


The two groups negotiate rules to regulate interactions and disputes. They meet regularly to settle conflicts. Systems remain separated but are often bolted together with a pipe. There’s still no straight-through-processing from a prospect or customer point of view.


Boundaries between sales and marketing disappear and the two unite to create a single, integrated revenue engine that collaborates across the entire prospect lifecycle.

Without Upsales, your data remains siloed and it’s impossible to get a single view of the customer. It’s time to change this dynamic. Upsales unifies sales and marketing so you can focus on what matters most – revenue. No more silos. No more dodgy data. No more confusion.

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